FORA 6 Connect

FORA 6 Connect (GD82)

Technology Brings People Closer

Moments when we connect with the people we love are the most cherishable. The FORA® 6 Connect lets users share vital health information to family and loved ones, keeping everyone connected through the iFORA healthcare App.

With the ability to measure multiple-parameters in a single device, clinically validated accuracy for your confidence, and with Bluetooth connectivity, achieve more than just comprehensive diabetes management.

Features and Benefits



Has 5 test strips and measures six parameters, blood glucose (BG), hematocrit (HCT), hemoglobin (HB), β-ketone (KB), total cholesterol (TCH) and uric acid (UA)

LCD Backlight

FORA 6 Series Gold Strips (GDH-FAD)

With 5-Electrode Technology and strips made with gold, FORA 6 test strips ensure high accuracy and precision at wide hematocrit ranges.(0% ~ 70%)

Wide HCT Range

Wide hematocrit range

Can measure blood glucose (BG) from dialysis patients, gestational diabetes and neonates.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

Transfer data to iFORA HM smartphone app and get trends, statistics and other information for a more comprehensive diabetes management.

Strip Ejection

Strip ejection design

The hygienic strip ejection design allows users to remove test strips without contact, reducing the possibility of cross infection.

Ketone Warning

Ketone warning

Be aware of abnormal ketone levels (≥ 240mg/dL / 13.3mmol/L) at a glance.

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Keep track of your results and manage your patterns and trends over time.

Product Specifications


Blood Glucose (BG), Hematocrit (HCT), Hemoglobin (HB), β-Ketone (KB), Uric Acid (UA) and Total Cholesterol (TCH)


KB: β-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase
UA: Uric Acid Catalyst
TCH: Cholesterol esterase / Cholesterol oxidase

Sample volume & Measuring time

BG: 0.5μL, 5 seconds
BG+HCT+HB: 0.5μL, 5 seconds
KB: 0.8μL, 10 seconds
UA: 1.0μL, 15 seconds
TCH: 3.0μL, 60 seconds


No calibration / coding is needed for Blood Glucose and 3 in 1 Tests;
Code card required for KB, UA and TCH tests

HCT range

BG: 0 ~ 70%
BG+HCT+HB: 0 ~ 70%
KB: 10 ~ 70%
UA: 20 ~ 60%
TCH: 20 ~ 60%

Day average

7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 days

Daily alarm


AC/PC recording



LCD backlight

Universal Tone

Universal Tone

Meter Dimensions (H x W x D)

89.8 x 54.9 x 18.0 mm

Weight (without battery)


Power supply

1 x AAA battery

Memory capacity

1,000 memory sets


Bluetooth 4.0

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